Thank You for Showing up for Sprint! / by Nana Duffuor


Dear Sprint Fam--


This time last year, Indigo Mateo and I gathered in the corner booth at our favorite restaurant, and together, we dreamed out loud about what it could look like to put together a performance of Sprint that drew from film, theater, music, and dance, and spoke directly to our community about a deeply personal story of healing and resistance.

Fast forward one year and I am in sheer awe of what we were able to create with your support. With you, an incredible community of artists, support and guidance from the Queer Cultural Center, and the platform of the National Queer Arts Festival, we’ve been able to:

  • Create four short films that tell a story spanning from childhood to adulthood

  • Collaborate with more than 20 artists (all of whom identify as people of color and/or members of LGBTQ community)

  • SELL OUT TWO BACK-TO-BACK SHOWS at the Flight Deck Theater

  • Pen more than 100 letters to the Governor of North Carolina demanding freedom for Crystal Mangum

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being a part of this journey. There were those of you in the audience on 6/17 that read the first draft of Sprint over a year ago. There were those of you that donated--some of you, many times over--to help make this dream a reality. There were those of you that offered words of encouragement in moments of confusion or deep discouragement.  There were those of you that cooked meals for our cast and crew, that stayed up late into the night working on parts of this project, or that shared with a friend or a family member about the project. For the many ways that you, our community, made this project possible, thank you.

What's most exciting is, we're just getting started! 

Right after the show ended, the first thing many of you asked was when we’re having another show, and what you can do to ensure it reaches more audiences. Thank you so much for asking :-) Here are three ways you can help keep this Sprint Movement moving today:

  1. Make a donation to Sprint  before August 15 and it will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to $2,000! Visit and designate your gift to SPRINT today. 

  2. Demand Freedom for Crystal Mangum

    The morning of the performance, I received a call from Crystal notifying me that, for the first time in years, she’ll be able to appeal her case in court this coming August. We want the Governor of North Carolina to know that there is a growing community of us who are in solidarity with Crystal, who will speak out against her wrongful imprisonment and the systemic criminalization and imprisonment of survivors of sexual violence. We can help influence the outcome of her case by reaching out to the state’s Governor, Roy Cooper, and making our voices heard. Here’s how:


    Mail: attn: Governor Roy Cooper, Governor's Office of North Carolina, 116 W Jones Street, Raleigh, NC 27603

    Phone: (919) 814-2000

  3. Write a review of Sprint

    We would love to hear what you thought of he show! Your reviews also help us to secure funding for future shows. Visit to write a review today.

In the coming months, the goal is to continue to share this work with audiences here in the Bay Area, then across California, then across the country! And in the meantime, please be on the lookout for an invitation to our Cast Party/Fundraising Event here in Oakland and other opportunities to learn more about the work and how it came together. 

With much love and gratitude,