Who is Crystal Magnum?

Crystal is a dedicated mother of three and an incarcerated survivor serving a 14-18 year prison sentence in North Carolina. She is most well-known for her allegations of rape in the 2007 “Duke Lacrosse Case,” which never made it to trial. For six years now, Crystal has been in an uphill battle against an unjust criminal legal system that was supposed to “serve and protect” her when she experienced sexual and domestic violence.

In December, Sprint’s community of support helped raise $475 to send R.J. and Anna to North Carolina. Though we were unable to reach our goal in time for the holidays, we are still working to get them there this spring, and we are half-way to our goal.

How You Can Help


Send Crystal Love

A letter of support goes a long way to help Crystal feel connected to community.

Mail her a note at:
Crystal Mangum #0801264
Neuse Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 2087
Goldsboro, NC 27533-2087

Give to Crystal’s JPAY Account

As Crystal prepares to move facilities, she will need to purchase basic necessities from commissary. You can add money to crystal’s JPAY account for this purpose at:

State: North Carolina, Inmate ID#0801264

Write Governor Roy Cooper

With support from the National Council’s Clemency Campaign, Crystal is applying to be granted freedom through the clemency process. You can help ensure the Governor of North Carolina makes the right decision.

Mail Gov. Roy Cooper at:

Attn: Governor Roy Cooper
Governor’s Clemency Office,

4294 Mail Service Center,

Raleigh, North Carolina 27699-4294