Sprint: The Written Collection includes original poetry, letters, songs, and other written works collected throughout Nana's life. From the snarky poem she writes, apologizing to her sixth-grade teacher for urinating in protest on the classroom floor to the letter she sends to her rapists via Linkedin ten years after the event, the collection represents another form of truth-telling, another window into Nana's experiences. 

The collection is divided into the same eight life lessons as the film-- 1. Resilience, 2. Hold Your Tongue, 3. Beauty Doesn't Feed You, 4. Sprint, 5. Crawl, 6. Climb, 7. Speak, 8. Be--and includes two original songs: "Alex Mack," and "Surf and Turf."

Sprint_abridged by Nana Duffuor.jpg

They say l

ittle black girls can't feel pain. They get that from their mama's.


Sprint_abridged by Nana Duffuor (4).jpg

The next time I ask to pee during class, I hope you will be wise.


Sprint_abridged by Nana Duffuor (6).jpg

Beware the sunshine and come inside, lest your skin turn black like mine.

Sprint_abridged by Nana Duffuor (3).jpg

What all was lost while I was educated? 

Which of my ancestors' prose chose to find a new home?