About the Artists


Nana Duffuor

Nana Duffuor is a writer and performer based in Oakland, CA. After a five-year hiatus from creative writing, Nana reignited her voice and surfaced on the open mic scene at Black Repertory Theater's Speakeasy event earlier this year. She has been writing and performing ever since, most recently in the Jackie B. Recovery Play, "I Am Responsible."

Her latest project, Sprint, is a spirited retelling of life's events leading up to this point--the good, the bad, the absurd, the humiliating, the hilarious, and, ultimately, the redemptive.

She is thrilled to debut "Sprint" at the 2018 National Queer Arts Festival! See you there! 


Indigo Mateo

Indigo Mateo is a Jersey-risen millennial-soul singer and songwriter of Afro-Latina decent. She is the founder of "Soul Showers," a healing program for survivors of sexual violence, and the Communications Manager at Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice (CURYJ). Passionate about the intersecting issues of mass incarceration, youth justice, and sexual violence, Indigo writes and sings to bring light to restorative practices and worthiness of all people in community. 

She is currently recording her debut album "Intuition" and is a creative partner in Sprint, lending her vision, music, and filmmaking experience to the production. To learn more about Indigo’s work and to attend a Soul Shower, visit www.Indigomateo.com.